Interior Design

Current (Coworking Space in Downtown Winston-Salem, NC)

In 2020 I was asked to take on my first interior design job. The job came with a few catches: it had to be finished in three months; it had to be curated and up-fitted within a very modest budget; and it had to feel as comfortable as a living room. Having a love for all types of design and a background in museum design, I took the challenge.

THE BONES: The bones of the space were beautiful, yet the finishes and color pallet were outdated.

THE START: I love to start my museum design work by creating a model, so I did the same for this project. It helps the client “feel the space” prior to the finished build out. In this case, I crafted a 1:24 poster board scale model. I presented the model with a curated collection of furnishings and finishes.


THE RESULT: The result is a minimalist yet warm space filled with hand picked mid century modern elements ranging from custom made 10-foot-long couches to a bold collection of my own art. To add to the design aesthetics, the work of Jason Lagesse can be found throughout the space including beautiful wooden screens and hand poured epoxy countertops. And yes, it was finished in three months, it it stayed within the modest budget, and it feels as comfortable as a living room. If you are interested in seeing this space in person or discussing your own project, call or email me: (336) 971-8957 or
(336) 971-8957
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


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