The Way I See It

JF-8790HRI am Carrie Leigh Dickey. I am an artist, designer, and marketer who comes alongside individuals, non-profits, and corporations to help them clearly articulate who they are, what they do, and why it matters so that they can reach their fullest potential. I am an innovative thinker!

Though a trained oil painter (BA in studio art with a concentration in oil painting from Salem College), I work mainly in acrylics. I likes experimenting in order to make acrylic paint function as oil paint. Subsequently, I love to create marks with anything that is not a paint brush including old credit cards and aluminum foil, and I can often be found removing paint from a canvas with a garden hose.

I am the winner of one PICA award and three Best-of-the-Best awards including the prestigious 2011 Best-of-the-Best Program Winner – Digital Trailblazer award for my visionary admissions marketing campaign for Salem College. My design work spans from graphics to website to interior to museum. My most recent museum design job was the Boys School exhibit at Old Salem Museums and Gardens. I was also the interior designer for Current Coworking.

Together with my family…

Header and family photos credit of Alyson of Jasper and Fern.

Just for fun…

Actors Carrie and Luscinda Dickey in Lock In copy

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