Clients Get Noticed

“Carrie is an elegant artist who can write. She has a teacher’s heart and a marketer’s mind. She can actually run with sharp objects fearlessly.”—Scott Crockett, VP Marketing & Sales | Keiger Graphic Communications

“When one receives a present and the wrapping is elegant, classy and the box inside has a perfect shape, and the bubble paper is of high quality because the present inside didn’t break… then one knows he has been offered a gift from Carrie.”– Catherine Beeckman

“It is a pleasure to work with Carrie. She is always creative, professional, flexible—a terrific visual problem solver. Her design work on my five books was nothing short of brilliant.” —Dr. John Hutton, Author and Illustrator of the Sister Maus Book Series

“Carrie was a joy to work with. She put in the time to understand the book before we began the design process. When I had ideas she was receptive (and kind); when I didn’t she provided a variety of creative options. Her work has been widely praised around the country.”—Doug Borwick, Arts Engaged

“I truly enjoy working with Carrie. I like her thoughtful design. She listens and understands. She filters through my inadequate words and finds what it is that I visually want.”—Anna Gallimore
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Winston-Salem, North Carolina


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