“I can’t begin to express to you how thrilled I am with your painting! That will always be a treasure to me, and I can’t wait to hang it at home. It is so rich in symbolism which makes it incredibly meaningful to me! You are a true wonder.”

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Joy Unspeakable

Have you ever had a phrase that you can’t get out of your head? I had that happen to me a few weeks back. The phrase was “Joy Unspeakable.” Now, I have always be interested in the difference between the word “joy” and “happiness” so to add the word “unspeakable” to “joy” just rocked my world. After musing over the phrase for a few days, I thought I would try to express “Joy Unspeakable” in a piece of art. My artistic journey… Joy Unspeakable:

  • comes from a place deep within;
  • can be felt in times of good and bad;
  • surfaces through tears and pain;
  • produces cleansing tears;
  • feels like the marks that a child makes; and
  • is a richer, deeper, more sophisticated color set than happiness.

cur•rent [ kur-uhnt ]
flow marked by force or strength

With this body of work, Carrie Leigh Dickey seeks to explore the currents that have shaped the cityscape of Winston-Salem, as well as, the currents that flow today within the city.

Exhibit space: Current in Winston-Salem, NC

Personal and Commemorative
Mural: Lucy Rose Center at Salem College
(336) 971-8957
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


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